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Kroger Feedback Survey Win Gift Cards & Fuel Points
Kroger Feedback Survey Win Gift Cards & Fuel Points

Hurry to take the survey at www.krogerfeedback.com. Rate your remarkable experience. And win Kroger worth gift card and fuel points.

By taking the Kroger’s company survey, make your count in those lucky customers. Win worth $5000 gift card and 50 fuel points from Kroger feedback survey.

History of Kroger Company

In 1883, Bernard Kroger found ‘Kroger,’ a retailing company in the United States of America, in Cincinnati, Ohio. In downtown of Cincinnati, Kroger opened a grocery store at 66 pearl street.

History of Kroger
History of Kroger

He invested in his all life savings of 372 dollars in 1883.  $372 are equal to 9,800 dollars of 2018. Likewise first, the second store of Kroger was opened in 1884.

In raising the satisfaction level of its customers and to be almost on their requirements. Kroger started experimenting his own various products. Due to which customers don’t have to move to other stores and bakeries for any particular purchase.

Kroger initiated self-service shopping in 1916. It was presumed as a result that Kroger will be merged up with Safeway, in 1992. Though it was just a rumor.

Hence, Kroger made its way to be considered as a first renowned company to test food items and products. Kroger ensures the quality of products offered to customers for the reason of their satisfaction.

Above all, it is also the first American store which had parking lots around its all sides.

Kroger was a son of a butcher. Certainly with his simplicity, consistent hard work for customer satisfaction and rudiment maxim,”Be particular. Never sell anything you would not want yourself,” consequently Kroger achieved more successes since 1993.

Kroger has now become the largest market platform. Even more, it is running in 34 states.

Kroger includes department stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, superstores, and about 326 jewelry stores. Likewise stores, it also operates 37 manufacturing or food processing facilities. It has probably 1,360 fuel centers of a supermarket. Kroger also owns 2,122 pharmacies.

Current Status of Kroger

Kroger expanded its marketplace with continuous improvements. It has made customer satisfaction its priority. Happy and contented customers led Kroger to be one of the progressing companies.

Kroger combined different platforms under one roof. Today, Kroger has the vast number of chains at different locations.

Kroger Feedback Today
Kroger Today

Drugs and Foods Combinational Kroger Stores

LocationBrand Name
KansasDillions Food Stores
TacomaFred Meyer
ArizonaFry's Food & Drug
Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and the District of ColumbiaHarris Teeter
Colorado, WyomingKing Soopers
Southern CaliforniaRalphs
Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, West VirginiaKroger
WashingtonMain & Vine
Montana, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, WyomingSmith's
QFCOregon, Washington State
Wisconsin and Chicago, ILRoundy's

Kroger’s Multi-Departmental Stores

LocationBrand Name
Washington, Alaska, Oregon, IdahoFred Meyer
Lee County, AlabamaSmith's

Organic and Natural Food Stores

LocationBrand Name
Midwest and Southeast United StatesLucky's Market

Price Impact Stores owned by Kroger

LocationBrand Name
NW Indiana, Chicago, Illinois, Southern CaliforniaFood 4 Less
Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, MissouriRuler Foods

Kroger’s Market Place Stores


Jewelry Stores

LocationBrand Name
Oregon, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, Washington, and othersFred Meyer Jewelers

Kroger Convenient Care Clinic

LocationBrand Name
Georgia, Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Mississippi, KansasThe Little Clinic

Kroger’s Former Chains

LocationBrand NameDescription
OhioBarney's Food WarehouseKroger has closed Warehouse stores in the 1980s
IllinoisHilander FoodsKroger Acquired Hilander Foods in 1998 and sold to Schnucks in 2011
Fort Wayne, IndianaScott'sKroger Acquired Scott's in 2007, the final location became a Kroger in 2016
Cala Foods and Bell MarketsNorthern California Kroger sold his Locations to DeLano's IGA, last Kroger-owned location closed in 2011
KramboWisconsinKroger Acquired Wisconsin in June 1955 and in 1966 they phased out the name. Withdrew from Wisconsin in 1971
Southern CaliforniaMarket BasketAcquired October 1963, sold in 1982
Texas, Arkansas, LouisianaChilds Acquired July 1955 and in 1966 they phased out the name
Kessel Food MarketsMichigan Acquired and name phased out in 1999
TexasHenke'sAcquired May 1955 and in 1966 they phased out the name
Convenient Stores of Kroger
LocationBrand NameDescription
Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Tennessee, MississippiKwik ShopMost sold to EG Group in 2018
Alabama, FloridaTom Thumb Food StoresMost sold to EG Group in 2018
Pennsylvania, Ohio, IndianaTurkey Hill Minit Markets Most sold to EG Group in 2018
Quik StopCalifornia, NevadaSold to EG Group in 2018
Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, WyomingLoaf 'N JugMost sold to EG Group in 2018

Convenient Stores of Kroger having Food and Drugs

LocationBrand Name
Central OhioFresh Eats MKT

According to a revenue of United States, Kroger is lagest chain of supermarkets. It is ranked as the eighth largest company in the US.

Kroger is the second largest retailer after Walmart. During 2016, financial year, Kroger earned 115.34 billion dollars.

By this year of 2018, it is the third largest employee hiring company. Kroger employee count is nearly half million. And furthermore, it has announced to hire Hiring count declared is for 11,000 new employees.

Kroger’s Manufacturing

Kroger company also operates the number of private manufacturing as one of the largest companies. While in seventeen states, thirty-seven plants are of Kroger. They are rather owned by Kroger or probably Kroger has operating agreements with them.

Almost 40% of products are labeled of Kroger.


Almost two cheese plants, sixteen dairies, and one ice-cream plant are operated by Kroger.

LocationBrand Name
Atlanta, GeorgiaCentennial Farms Dairy
Denver, ColoradoMountain View Foods
Compton, CaliforniaCompton Creamery
Riverside, CaliforniaRiverside Creamery
Newark, OhioTamarack Farms Dairy
Indianapolis, IndianaCrossroad Farms Dairy
Lynchburg, VirginiaWestover Dairy
Crawfordsville, IndianaPace Dairy of Indiana
Winchester, KentuckyWinchester Farms Dairy
Murfreesboro, TennesseeHeritage Farms Dairy
Tolleson, ArizonaTolleson Dairy
Springdale, OhioSpringdale Ice Cream & Beverage
Rochester, MinnesotaPace Dairy of Minnesota
Turkey Hill Dairy Conestoga, Pennsylvania
Fort Worth, TexasVandervoort Dairy
Hutchinson, KansasJackson Dairy
Portland, OregonSwan Island Dairy
Livonia, MichiganMichigan Dairy
Layton, UtahLayton Dairy


Likewise dairies, Kroger operates two frozen dough plants. Also one deli plant and six bakeries.

LocationBrand Name
Greensburg, IndianaKB Specialty Foods –
Anderson, South CarolinaAnderson Bakery
La Habra, CaliforniaLa Habra Bakery
Columbus, OhioColumbus Bakery
Denver, ColoradoKing Soopers Bakery
Layton, UtahLayton Dough Plant
Clackamas, OregonClackamas Bakery
Indianapolis, IndianaIndianapolis Bakery
Bowling Green, KentuckyCountry Oven Bakery

Kroger Grocery Items

Kroger runs two beverage plants and five groceries.

LocationBrands Name Description
Springdale, OhioSpringdale Ice Cream & Beveragesoft drinks, waters, ice cream
Albany, Georgia Tara Foods peanut butter, flavorings, steak sauces, vinegar, cooking wines, lemon juice, soy sauce
Cincinnati, OhioState Avenue salad dressings, red sauces, syrups, broths, jams and jellies
Irving, TexasAmerica's Beverage Co.soft drinks, waters
Murray, KentuckyKenlake Foodsnuts, hot cereal, cornmeal, powdered drinks
Columbia, South CarolinaPontiac Foodscoffee, seasonings, spices, rice, noodles, sauces
Springfield, TennesseeDelight Products Co. dry dog and cat foods

Meat Plants of Kroger

Also, two meat plants are run by Kroger.

LocationBrand Name
Vernon, CaliforniaVernon Meat
Denver, ColoradoKing Soopers Meat

Private Brands of Kroger

Likewise many of manufacturing plants, Kroger operates different private labels enlisted below.


Other Kroger’s Private Brands

Other private brands of Kroger operates probably in stores of Fred Meyer.

Brand NameDescription
SuperKidsIronKids bread competitor
Good to DoughWhite and wheat sliced bread, hotdog and hamburger buns (Introduced May 2018)
Brand NameDescription
Big K soda, cooler drinks, sparkling water
Sungold sweet and unsweet gallon jug tea
Thirst Rockers imitation juice (water, high fructose corn syrup, 0% juice)
Crystal Clearflavored sparkling water
On the House margarita and other drink mixes
General Merchandise & Drug
Brand NameDescription
Splash Sport, Splash Spa, and Bath & Body Therapiesbath and body supplies
Office Works stationery and office supplies
MotoTechautomotive supplies
Comforts For Babybaby and infant supplies, diapers
HD Designsupscale home goods
General and Grocery Merchandise
Brand NameDescription
Everyday Livingkitchen gadgets & cleaning supplies, furniture
Check This OutNon Food Items
Heritage Farms...Fresh MeatFresh Meat
Disney's Old Yeller dry dog food
Tempolaundry detergent and fabric softener
Disney's Aristocatswet cat food
Pet Pride dry dog and cat food, cat litter
P$$t...Big Savings...Pass it Onbread
aromaFUSIONSair freshener supplies, scented candles
Brand NameDescription
Country Clubbutter
Springdalemilk by the gallon
Mountain Dairymilk by the gallon (QFC, Fred Meyer, Smith's, Fry's, and Ralphs)
Brand NameDescription
Your Deli Selectionbaked beans, coleslaw, potato salad
Wholesome @ Homenew name to include all private label products(pizza, pasta, sides, etc.)
Frozen Food
Brand NameDescription
Old Fashionedgallon tub ice cream/frozen yogurt
Country Club real butter sticks, half-gallon ice cream/frozen yogurt (Discontinued in Scotts Food and Pharmacy stores)
Brand NameDescription
Dip fast fashion brand designed by Joe Mimran
Whole Health (Nutrition)
Brand NameDescription
Simple Truthorganic and natural foods

Logistics and Distribution

Different sub-divisions and subsidiaries operate the distribution of food and purchase.

Kroger Group Cooperative, Inc.
Kroger Group, Inc.

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Kroger makes a review of its customers countable. For the purpose, Kroger offers an online Kroger feedback survey at www.krogerfeedback.com. Kroger takes notice of almost all of its customer reviews.

At the end of a survey, hence Kroger gives gift cards and fuel points as a reward.

www.krogerfeedback.com Rate your Experience

Kroger gives away $5000 or another of $100 worth gift cards and 50 fuel points through a lucky draw. First of all, customer visits Kroger website. And then fills the survey.

Furthermore, the customer answers all questions. And consequently, he/she makes entry to the lucky draw for a giveaway.

So, if you have decided to take the survey. Know all about how to take the Kroger feedback survey here.

Rate the Kroger about your recent experience. And finally, make your entry to the lucky draw.

Why should you take Kroger Feedback Survey?

Every company cares about providing quality. Likewise, many of Kroger prioritize its customer satisfaction. Therefore, it has designed a survey.

You’re asked about different questions. Most questions are about Kroger outlet. Certainly Kroger store, you visited very recently.

Hence Kroger design Kroger feedback survey for basic questions. So, take the survey at www.krogerfeedback.com. Most probably survey consists of following questions.

  • Coordination of staff.
  • Quality of food.
  • Delivery time of food.
  • Overall cleanliness.
  • Weekly special price.
  • Employees friendliness.
  • Ease of move in store.
  • Check out wait time.
  • Ease in saving coupon from any electronic device.

How to take a Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Ready to take the Kroger survey? You can make use of any electronic device. Be it your pc, smartphone or a tablet.

For the reason of taking the survey, you must have an accessible internet connection as well.

Kroger Feedback Survey Requirements

If you want a Kroger store to know about your experience. And finally, you are ready to take the survey. Also look upon the methods and criteria for taking Kroger feedback survey.

Following are the pre-requisites for taking a survey.

  • Accessible internet connection.
  • Any electronic device. It may be your smartphone, tablet or pc.
  • Above all, falling in the eligibility criteria.

How to enter the Kroger Survey?

You can enter Kroger customer satisfaction survey by two ways.

  • Online
  • E-mail
Online Entry

For online entry, click www.krogerfeeback.com on the web. On the website, for the reason of taking notice of your experience certainly. Kroger survey will ask you to enter basic details. The details are also mentioned on your purchase slip.

Entry via E-mail

While for the purpose of entry through an email. First of all, you have to submit the basic required information.

  • Division
  • Email Address
  • Confirm Email Address
  • Phone
  • Reason for Comments
  • Comments

Likewise, providing basic information. Furthermore, you have to enter more detailed contact information.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Work Phone-Ext
  • Number/Alt ID

Also, you have to mention the store details of the recent visit.

Finally, you have to provide some additional information as well.

  • Date of Purchase
  • Time of Purchase
  • Product Name
  • UPC
  • MFG Code

So, if you have provided all the information. You are done.

Rules for Kroger Feedback Survey

  • Any purchase is not necessary to enter the sweepstakes.
  • The customer should be of 18 or above in age.
  • You can make your entry into sweepstakes thrice.
  • The sweepstake is consists of three months. Probably one entry for each month.
  • Every entry will be considered on the tenth of each month.
  • After a specified entry period, no entry is considerable.
  • Only first lucky customer will win a grand prize.  Worth $5000 gift card is for the first winner.
  • First hundred customers will also get gift cards through the lucky draw. Consequently awarded with worth $100 gift cards.
  • To get the winners list. Send an envelope with stamp and address before the deadline. Address: Kroger Q3 Customer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes Winner List, PMI Station, PO Box 750-W, Southbury, CT 064880750.

Kroger Feedback Customer Survey Guides

Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey Guides

For your ease, here below are provided three survey guides.

  • Quick Guide
  • Detailed Guide
  • Video Guide

Quick Guide – This guide is a quick way to save your time. It will take less than half a minute to understand how to take the Kroger survey.

Detailed Guide – This is a detailed step by step guide. Know in detail about how to take Kroger customer satisfaction survey.

Video Guide – This is a video tutorial presentation of few minutes to take the Kroger feedback survey.

Kroger Customer Survey Quick Guide

Here below, is a quick guide to save your time. If you want to make your quick entry for a survey. Also, you want to know what the survey is about.

Take a look at Kroger customer satisfaction survey quick guide.

Kroger feedback customer satisfaction survey quick guide


Detailed Guide for Kroger Survey

Following is the detailed step by step guide to know how to take the survey. And furthermore how to make an entry for sweepstakes. While taking the survey, adamantly follow up rules. Otherwise certainly, you will not make an entry to sweepstakes.

  • To take the Kroger survey, click here.
  • Kroger welcomes you to the survey. First of all, you have to enter your basic details given on your purchase slip. Most noteworthy date, time and entry ID to start the survey.

Initial Questions

  • You are asked about your visit to Kroger at CARROLTON location.
  • Then, you are notified to answer all the forthcoming questions.
  • Kroger asks you about your visit and purchase of departments. For the purpose, it will provide a list. Mark all that are applied.
  • Furthermore, you have to rate your overall experience of the store. Probably Kroger store, you made your recent visit.
  • Similarly, you have to rate your satisfaction level with the friendliness of grocery baggers and employees. Also rate for check out time, prices on non-sale items. And store brands relative to other, also prices of weekly specials.

Quality of Store Brands

  • Likewise, you have to rate your contentment level with quality of store brands. Rate for your ease of move and in stock product items. Also cleanliness and friendliness of checkout staff.
  • Select N/A if you are not attended by any staff member.

Produce Department

  • Next, rate your satisfaction with produce department and freshness of products. Also product prices and items of the produce department. As well as rate your experience for the friendliness of the staff. Likewise, former rating, if you haven’t found any cooperative staff at purchase. Select N/A due to cause.

Dairy Department

  • Furthermore, rate your experience with the dairy department. The freshness of dairy products and the friendliness of the staff. Select N/A, if the staff is not available.
  • Now, rate Deli department about the friendliness of employees. Its items in stock, wait for time, and freshness of products.

Bakery Department

  • Similarly, rate your satisfaction with the bakery department. The items in stock and friendliness of the staff. Hence if you haven’t found any cooperative staff at purchase. Select N/A due to cause. Finally, rate about the freshness of products.

Center Store Food Aisles

  • Likewise, other departments, rate your satisfaction level with center store food aisles. The rate for its items and friendliness of the staff. Select N/A, if the staff is not available.

Other Basic Questions

  • Check yes if you were intended to make a purchase. And no in another case.
  • Based on your recent visit, rate your likelihood of recommendation. Also rate for groceries visit again, in the next 30 days.
  • Furthermore, you are asked to rate questions related to agreement and disagreement about the purchase. The purchase should be from the same Kroger store. Most probably if any other store is opened, in case.

Ease in Availing Coupons

  • Rate your satisfaction for ease of saving digital coupons. Either you save through website or mobile app. Select N/A in case you don’t use digital coupons.
  •  Similarly, rate your contentment with the value of fuel rewards. Check N/A, if it is not implemented.


  • Further, you are asked to briefly and specifically write your highly satisfied experience. The range is only 1200 characters.

Other Questions

  • Select yes if you have faced any problem during your visit. Otherwise, select no.
  • Kroger priors its customer’s interest. Therefore, select departments for which you want to provide additional feedback.
Comments regarding Pharmacy
  • Further, you are asked to give additional comments. Your comments should be about Kroger pharmacy. The limit is 1200 characters.
  • Likewise, briefly write about purchases you were intended to make.

Concluding Questions

  • Kroger thank you for your prestigious time. Furthermore, you are asked about more similar questions.
  • You have to rate about your visits to the particular store. Must count your recent visit.
  • Furthermore, you are asked for your email address and entry for the sweepstakes.
  • If you want to receive fuel points directly on your loyalty account. Select the option you want to go with. Choose either loyalty card number or an alternate ID option at Kroger feedback survey.
  • If you are not intended to get fuel points or in case you have no loyalty card account. Select the last option and click next.

Contact Information

  • Consequently, you have to enter your basic contact details in case you won. Most probably, name, address, city, state, zip/postal code. Furthermore phone number, email address. And finally your age.
  • At last, Kroger thank you for your feedback. In case you have questions or want any kind of assistance. Kroger provides its helpline. Dial  1-877-444-9772.

Kroger Feedback Survey Video Guide

Here below, is a video tutorial for taking the survey.

Kroger’s Contact Details

Contact Details

You can also submit your comments to Kroger by submitting the following details.

While visiting www.kroger.com for frequently asked questions.

For contacting via phone dial  1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377).

For Email, send Kroger message by filling up customer comments. Following are the details, you will be asked.

Customer Comments

Required Information


Contact Information


What store is this regarding?


Additional Information


Important Website Links

To take Kroger feedback survey, most probably following links are important.

Kroger Survey

Privacy Policy

Kroger Sweepstakes Rules

Kroger Survey Prizes


Kroger Feedback survey Gift Cards

Take the survey. Answer all questions. Finally, make your entry through a lucky draw. And get free worth gift card of $5000 or $100 and 50 fuel points.

Only first winner will get $5000 gift card as a grand prize. Also, $100 gift cards are for the first hundred lucky winners.

Winners of Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Fill out the survey and enhance your chances to win. To increase the chances of win consequently through lucky draw. Take the survey. Only one entry per month is considered for sweepstakes.

Hence, increase your number of chances to win.

Likewise many of former sweepstakes winners. You can be one of a grand prize lucky winner as a result. So, provide Kroger with your valuable feedback.

Kroger Feedback Survey Winners

Here below is a list of survey winners.

Survey CodeAreaWinner Name
6150301DillonsMichele M. (Grand Prize)
110260AtlantaKimberly B.
110356AtlantaBrent C.
110255AtlantaDonna D.
110257AtlantaTerry G.
110430AtlantaMark H.
110464AtlantaDawn J.
110438AtlantaShams K.
110638AtlantaJenny K.
110609AtlantaDonna K.
110640AtlantaTrina M.
110670AtlantaColleen S.
110428AtlantaJoyce S.
110016AtlantaAnnette V.
110430AtlantaBarbara W.
110367AtlantaSandra W.
210911CentralDiane B.
210947CentralPam C.
210982CentralKelly H.
210531CentralMarianne W.
210995CentralJoann Y.
140408Cincinnati/DaytonBonita G.
140811Cincinnati/DaytonHelen L.
140353Cincinnati/DaytonJoe R.
160832ColumbusMark B.
160312ColumbusJohn C.
160832ColumbusTeresa F.
160128ColumbusBecky G.
160594ColumbusJames H.
160512ColumbusDolores L.
160897ColumbusRobert M.
160363ColumbusCara P.
160878ColumbusLaura R.
350599DallasEdward B.
350461DallasKristi D.
350596DallasKenneth F.
350893DallasNancy M.
250582DeltaJames B.
250452DeltaRoger C.
250621DeltaGreta M.
6150074DillonsBruce J.
6150040DillonsCheryl R.
6150111DillonsAneesh T.
7010458FredMeyer StoresLawrence A.
7010650FredMeyer StoresJudy F.
7010393FredMeyer StoresChristine K.
7010372FredMeyer StoresJanice M.
7010255FredMeyer StoresJames M.
7010242FredMeyer StoresJanet M.
7010663FredMeyer StoresEmily S.
7010460FredMeyer StoresLily W.
6600103Fry's Of ArizonaTerri A.
6600667Fry's Of ArizonaMataya B.
6600686Fry's Of ArizonaSara C.
6600036Fry's Of ArizonaJames D.
6600066Fry's Of ArizonaStacia D.
6600474Fry's Of ArizonaStephen W.
6600057Fry's Of ArizonaErin Z.
340376HoustonJoyce P.
340311HoustonBen S.
340307HoustonGloria Z.
6200431King SoopersJeff B.
6200130King SoopersThomas C.
6200403King SoopersCherrie N.
6200031King SoopersSteve P.
6200451King SoopersElaine R.
240903LouisvilleRobert B.
240363LouisvilleBrenda B.
240733LouisvilleRita D.
240369LouisvilleJerry F.
240362LouisvilleLinda G.
240396LouisvilleBeverly W.
180759MichiganRick B.
180632MichiganPatrick F.
180774MichiganLarry G.
180671MichiganPaul I.
180681MichiganJanice M.
180526MichiganMartha S.
180721MichiganMary S.
180492MichiganJim T.
180680MichiganDarlene W.
290515Mid AtlanticJennifer A.
290519Mid AtlanticGabriel B.
290753Mid AtlanticRick C.
290773Mid AtlanticSarah H.
290500Mid AtlanticPamela J.
290776Mid AtlanticMargaret M.
290554Mid AtlanticJenny P.
290763Mid AtlanticCourtney W.
260605NashvilleTeina H.
260670NashvilleGreg H.
260549NashvilleLaura T.
7030120RalphsT. S.
7060459Smith's Food and DrugEarl B.
7060139Smith's Food and DrugJulie D.
7060361Smith's Food and DrugBobbye F.
7060385Smith's Food and DrugBob G.
7060187Smith's Food and DrugLaurissa L.
7060426Smith's Food and DrugLeilani M.
7060277Smith's Food and DrugMelaina R.
7060140Smith's Food and DrugMarsha S.

This survey article provides all the necessary details about Kroger survey. So take Kroger feedback customer satisfaction survey. If anything is not clear or you have any queries. You may hit them down in the comments section. You may also call at Kroger’s helpline for assistance.